Why Worried About Chips ?

Here’s how the global chip shortage got so bad and what’s being done to fix it ?

So what are semiconductors ? It’s silicon with with transistors built into it and
these circuits are put into basically any product these days that needs power generally every every single electronic product these days has these chips in them that allow them to do what they do.

So how did this all started ?

Well COVID-19 forced people to work from home, to go to school from home, to just basically do everything from home. People upgraded their computers they got, smart speakers tricked out their home theaters and played a lot of video games. Businesses scrambled to set up remote work systems and needed more cloud infrastructure.

What’s Next ?

After the immediate chip shortages get resolved the demand for semiconductors is only supposed to increase. New 5G telecom networks need smartphones with 5G enabled chips. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) will put chips into more and more everyday devices. Remote work brought on by pandemic appears here to stay.

Geopolitical View ?

It’s no secret that the electronics manufacturing is kind of based in China right, but what people kind of don’t know is that the number one pure Chip factory in the world is in Taiwan that’s TSMC.

So What’s the Solution ?

In the first place and in some cases building resilience will mean increasing respective countries production of certain types of elements at home and others will mean working more closely with countries trusted friends and partners, nations that share their values so that their supply chains can’t be used against themselves.



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