Over the last few years, the Indian FinTech ecosystem has witnessed a various next level of innovations. The first wave of disruption in financial services was led by digital payment startups, followed by digital lending, wealth management, and Insurance Tech startups.

Digital Lending

Digital lending FinTechs are targeting the unmet demand from Indian MSMEs as well as consumers for credit. Many banks in India have so far focused on highly creditworthy segments primarily due to a lack of credit history of others.


India has witnessed a phenomenal increase in the wealthy population in the last few years. Against this backdrop, India saw many innovations in the wealth management industry. There has been plethora of investment advisory services, where wealth managers are leveraging technology to offer low-cost investment advisory to large consumer base.

Digital Payments

In recent years, we have witnessed a plethora of exciting innovations like UPI, biometric payments, e-wallets initiations by banks, BharatQR code, and sound-wave-based payment technologies. One of the primary reasons can be attributed to the forward-thinking of central & state governments and Reserve Bank of India for successfully bringing a digital payment revolution in India.

Emerging Themes

Beyond the core segments of the Financial Services industry, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Real Estate are witnessing new business models based on digital platforms, developments in data collection, storage & processing for real-time insights, and simplification of information & monetary transactions. AgriTech, HealthTech, and PropTech startups are disrupting traditional ways of doing business in three industries that facilitate the nation’s most vital necessities — food, healthcare, and shelter for citizens.



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